A little bit about us

Modern Cooking is the first digital platform to offer consumers a marketplace where they can purchase the best recipes from professional chefs around the world. Modern Cooking integrates each recipe with seasonal and nutritional information and provides helpful tools so you can manage your diet.

Each of the five icons in our logo represent an area of the Modern Cooking platform and are described below. If you agree that it is time for a modern, digital replacement for the dusty old cookbook and you would like to see our ideas become a reality please sign up now and like and share on your social media pages.


Modern cooking is the best place to find new and inspired recipes created by professional chefs. Each recipe follows a uniform and easy to follow template that has been carefully developed by our team of professional chefs and designers. A range of beautiful photographed recipes including everything from 5-minute wonders to complex taste sensations is available to keep you inspired.

An encyclopaedia of ingredients including data on origins and seasonality with links to associated recipes in the marketplace. This is a place to learn about the heart and soul of cooking, the ingredients.

The modern cooking school offers you the opportunity to learn new skills, and preparation techniques. Generally our in-house chefs will deliver these tutorials, but from time to time we will also have guest lectures from your favourite chefs. These tutorials will offer you the opportunity to learn skills and techniques that professional chefs use everyday to make your cooking experience more efficient, easy and fun.

Personal profiles on modern cooking allow you to develop your own personal food preferences. Here you are able to refine search criteria to facilitate results that suit dietary needs like those required for medical reasons, religion and exercise. Of course you can also choose to exclude ingredients that you simple don’t like.

  • Plan your weekly menu and adjust for calories, protein and carbohydrate intake to keep your diet healthy.
  • With your menu planned, organise your shopping list and go shopping.

We recently launched the Modern Cooking Shop, a place where you can buy inspiring cooking equipment to help you explore new techniques, beautifully sharp kitchen knives to make your cooking experience more pleasurable and a set of molecular gastronomy ingredients that will inspire you to create new and interesting recipes of your own. The proceeds of our shop will help us realise the Modern Cooking dream of a digital cookbook for the modern age.

Now that you know a little bit about us and what we are hoping to achieve we hope that you will choose to support us whether it is by using our store to fulfil your cooking needs or by liking us on social media.